What are the best processes for waste water treatment?

Today’s age is the age of modernity progress, urbanization and industrialization. The society is heading towards modernization at a rapid pace without the least concern for the nature and the natural elements which are viral for our existence. Now a days the industrialists and entrepreneurs are opening up new industries and avenues engulfing vast expanse of land. These huge industrial establishments consume gallons and gallons of water in their production process. However it is a matter of concern that after being used where these polluted water is drained out, definitely into the nearby water bodies like rivers, seas etc. But what happens after the industrial effluents are discharged into the water body. Its harmful effects are quite well known of causes diarrhea, dysentery, and infection of different internal organs as well as skin diseases. It affects the aquatic life as well. So waste water treatment is a major concern of the environmentalists and social scientists today. So they are devising innovative ways and means for installing the cost efficient waste water treatment units as an ancillary part of the main industry that generates huge amount of waste water.

Sometimes it is also seen that waste water from the kitchens, toilets and wash basins gets deposited in some places and generated a very foul smell as well as pollute the environment to a considerable extent. If this polluted water can be treated in a waste water treatment unit, the water after getting separated from slurry can be used for domestic and agricultural purposes. The slurry containing the vegetable peels and other organic materials can also be used as fertilizers in the fields. The people living in the countryside can very well use their waste water for gardening. If they will channelize the waste water of the drains of their houses to the roots of different plants, then they can get a food harvest from their orchards, vegetable gardens and crop fields. But nowadays people are hankering after money without any consideration for the preservation of natural wealth that is water. Hence government should enact certain laws and rules for waste water treatment. However their implication and supervision is very much needed to ensure a safer and healthier environment for all.

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