Tips for how to eliminate rodents from your house

Rodents are the mammals that have a pair of the continuously growing incisor. There are 40% mammals that are rodents. Mice, a ratcomes in the group of rodents. This small limb and long tail creatures may look innocent, but some of their habits are not cute at all.

These uninvited guests can come to your house through small holes around pipes or wires; and not only that they can chew almost kind of material such as pipes, wires, wood, paper, clothes and what so ever. If you have noticed them in your house, then you are in big trouble. Because the task of กำจัดหนู (eliminate rodents) from your house is really a tough one. There are some natural home remedies and some methods to kill them.
1) Poisonous method:
Thereis many kinds haveeliminate rodentspoisons you will find on the market. The poisons are made of toxic that kill the rodent by making internal bleeding or blood clotting. The rat or mice go out of the house in search of water and died. These poisons are so poisonous that they may harm to your own pets too if they eat that dead rodent.

2) Traps:
This is an ancient process to eliminate rodents. There is two kind of traps, one that only traps the rodent while it’s come into the trap to eat the food; and then all you can do is to throw that rodent out of your house, or you can kill it by yourself. There is a second kind of trap, which traps the mice or rat by breaking its neck, and the pest will die instantly. There is a trap with sticky kind of thing. That sticky trap will stick that pest, and the rat will die because of starving.
3) Eliminate rodents naturally:
All those procedures are very inhumane. It will be a pathetic site to watch a living creature to die in front of you. So you can opt for natural ways to get rid of them. All you need is some essential oils to spray on the spots the rodents seem to come and to keep your house clean will also help to termite.

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