Rap music videos and is also known as Hip hop

rap music videos are videos related to rhyme, rhythmic speech, which is being usually chanted with musical accompaniment. The rap music consists of three basic things, like the basic content of the song, its way of singing or delivering the music. Rap is the primary factor of hip-hop music. Rather we can say, the other name of rap is hip-hop music.

Rap music videos and its rhyming
• The person who is considered to have developed the style of rhyming, during 1973. The music is being delivered in rhymes, and the music is quite extensive.
• Hip-hop music is primary in gradients of rap music. Rap is usually sung in African American dialect. Complex vocabulary is the lyrics of many hip hop listeners.
• Battle rapping, is the rapping in front of the audience full music lovers, between two rappers. There are two types freestyle rap, which is basically recitation. No subject matter is there for the song.
• The next type is free styling and spitting. Rapped lyrics are improvised. Rap musicvideos can be freestyler.

• Rap music is playing a very functional role about social stigma regarding mental illness. The rapper must have breath control, for flowing rap enunciation is needed.
• Raps with melody are also very famous. D J Kool Herc is known as founder or father of rap music. Hip-hop is the other name of Rap. Hip-hop is the best popular music of 1990 and top selling music.
Hip-hop music and its specialty
• Africa Bambaataa who is credited for hip-hop, which is described to be hip-hop. One of the greatest rap groups of the world and [politically conscious group flavor.
• The inspiration for so many in the music world. Rap music videosare submitted online explore the world of music as well as to reach those who love music.

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