Lessons about conflict management from Sons of anarchy

The concept of the whole movie revolves around the president (Clarence-Clay-Morrow) of the motorcycle club and his wife Gemma Morrow, also known as Katey Sagal. Not only these two, there are others like the Vice President (Jax Teller), also known as Charlie Hunnman. According to the movie, the vice president is the son to Gemma from the first marriage with John Teller, also known as Nicholas Guest. This man John was one of the pioneers of the motorcycle club, he founded it together with Piney Winston, this was a way for that to display that they are free after they returned from Vietnam. Opie Winston happens to be Piney’s so and has been a friend to Jax since they were very young. Sons of anarchy happens to be a kind of movie that has inspired a lot of writers to give their opinion about other concepts that people seem not to be seeing.

One of the things that is hidden in the sons of anarchy seasons is the conflict management role, acted out by Jax Teller, there has been a lot of writers recently analyzing this role and giving a well done tip for the job well done. It has been observed that basically everybody adopts something into their lifestyle that is related to what they see in movies. Fans of sons of anarchy have been seen to display this same effect. Looking at it, the way Jax Teller managed the conflicts between the club members (knowing fully well the kind of club it is), makes it a proof that no matter how tough the conflict one might be seeing around in reality, it can still be managed to an extent. Conflicts cannot be eliminated from the world, customers, team members and other categories of people fight against one another, so it is expedient that one learns from this.

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