First recipe of how to make pot brownies instant in a bowl

An ingredient uses in how to make pot brownies without mixing cocoa powder and eggs:
Hot chocolate 6 tablespoons, purpose flour 4 tablespoons, vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoons, melted butter 2 tablespoons and water 3 tablespoons for how to make pot brownies. Take a fork for mixing, measuring tablespoons and a coffee bowl.

Instant method of how to make pot brownies in a bowl:
First of all, take a bowl in which put hot chocolate and flour and mix it very well. Next, add water, vanilla extract and water into the bowl. Mix very well. Then put a bowl in the microwave for 1 minute. After one minute remove the bowl in the microwave and add whip ice cream and cream.
Second recipe how to make pot brownies instant in the bowl:
Ingredients: vanilla extracts 1 to 2 drops, a little pinch of cinnamon powder, 60 ml water, a pinch of salt, flour 1/4 cup, sugar 1/4 cup, natural cocoa 2 tablespoons, 2 teaspoons whipping cream and ice cream and vegetable and canola oil 2 tablespoons.

Procedure for how to make pot brownies instant in a bowl:
Firstly, take a bowl in which adds sugar, cocoa, salt, all-purpose flour and cinnamon and place in the microwave. Then mix this all ingredients with a fork and break up any bunches.
Now put the water, oil and vanilla extract in the bowl and stir it. Keep in your mind that should not be formed lumps in the mixture. Until mixture is not cooked, let keep it in the microwave for one minute and forty seconds. Brownie should be cooked very well. Let cool the brownie and serve with cool vanilla ice-cream.
Precautions: during making the pot brownies you should work carefully. Using correct microwave utensils for how to make pot brownies. Keep reach out all the glassware from the flame of the gas.

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