Filipino Maids Agency

One of the typical 7 million inhabitants of Hong Kong, at least 140,000 of the people is comprised by Filipino workers. most of the workers, mainly girls, referred to from the locals as feiyungs or is Filipino Maid. Life in the Philippines is difficult but for these helpers, life in Hong Kong is perceived to be more difficult but the opportunity to seaport income is higher, but might as well take the danger. But how does life go on in Hong Kong?

Continued Practice of Faith
Once Filipinos measure in Hong Kong to act as domestic helpers, life appears to change class and transform, one thing stays endless and continuous -beliefs in God. Faith is a large part of the Filipinos Lifestyle that wherever they go, they take it with them. The faith is dominated by Roman Catholics. The truth is there’s a sizeable count of Catholic Parishes being often visited by Filipinos particularly on Sunday mornings and masses are still held in tagalog that is local to adapt the language of the Filipinos.

Sunday Lifestyle
It’s a 6- day work and one day off in Hong kong for Filipino Maid. That day off is normally held on Sundays. In this very day, thousands of them are seen flocking in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Victoria Park or Central amuse one another as well as to hang out. All the time, loud rendezvous could be heard blocks away, there are picnics, concerts and singings.
The Hong Kong authorities that is local understands this weekly custom of socializing and relaxation as their road party enlivens that the roads in the primary central in many cases are closed for at least 10 hours. Concerts are from time to time held to create their day more energizing while “no littering” signals are flashed in tagalog aside from English and Cantonese, evidence that Filipinos really rule this side of town.

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